Reagan Foxx Fucks Her Stepson in Front of his Girlfriend

Reagan Foxx
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The main gist of this milf threesome scene is that Reagan Foxx had sex with her stepson while his girlfriend watched, then, a few minutes later, kicked her the fuck out of the house. Don’t feel too sorry for the girlfriend, though, as she sees like a total cunt. She wouldn’t even let him play Fortnite in peace! She kept trying to interrupt the game just to suck his cock. What a slut! I doubt that he even loved her anyway. But you have to tip your hat to Reagan Foxx – she really knew what she was doing! From the minute this big tit milf walked into the living room all eyes were glued on her. How could you not stare at such a beautiful MILF? Even her stepson’s girlfriend was gawking at the sight of her perfect 40-year-old body!Reagan Foxx seriously doesn’t give a fuck about anything. She pulled out her big tits for all to see, then went straight for her stepson’s crotch. Luckily, for Reagan Foxx, he already had his cock out, as his now-pissed-off-girlfriend girlfriend was in the middle of giving him yet another unspectacular blowjob. Reagan Foxx was determined to show both of them how to sucking cock is really done. And guess what? She turned out to be a fucking pro! Apparently, Reagan Foxx has sucked her fair share of big cocks throughout her life, and she gave her stepson an unforgettable blowjob while his girlfriend watched. Believe it or not, the girlfriend gets even more humiliated later on when she tries to eat Reagan Foxx’s pussy and fails that, too! She turned out to be such a disappointment that Reagan Foxx kicked her sorry ass out of the house. Finally, Reagan Foxx and her stepson can enjoy each other’s company without anyone bothering them. Now that they are finally alone, Reagan Foxx takes off the rest of her clothes and hops on top of her stepson’s throbbing hard dick. She bounces up and down, faster and faster until she reaches a mind-blowing orgasm, but he’s not done with her yet! He fucks this sexy big ass milf in a few more positions until he can’t hold his load in any longer. A smile comes over Reagan Foxx’s face as he sprays his warm jizz all over her big fake tits. What a lovely family moment.


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