Mom!? What Are You Doing?

Alix Lynx
32:15 | Views 809433

Starring Alix Lynx, Eric John, and Romeo Pierce;Today on we dive into the life of a young man whose grades are just falling and falling to the point where he can't play for the basketball team anymore. Romeo, his coach had to go to his house and talk with his parents to explain the current situation. The volley of Fs he's getting in every class is about to have a great impact on his sports life. His parents would do anything for their kids to keep playing for the team, especially his mom, Alix Lynx. After explaining the situation to the woman of the house, Alix knows there's something she can do to make things right. As the coach is taking his leave, Alix starts massaging his cock. She knows she can make him change his mind about her son if she uses the right skills. Her mouth and pussy. Doing so right in front of her husband prompts a wild response, that slowly turns into a hot threesome with a hot milf. Guess their little guy will be making the team after all.


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