Alana Cruise Fucks Stepson After Being Stood Up On Valentine’s

Alana Cruise
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Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal for most women. Let’s be honest here: if you screw things up on V-Day, you’re probably not going to be getting any for at least a few weeks, if not longer. Some women, however, take it much more seriously. For example, Alana Cruise, who had spent the entire day getting ready to go out for a romantic evening with her new husband. But something must have happened. Either he completely forgot it was Valentine’s Day or he found something more interesting to do because he never even showed up to the house! She tried his cell but there was no answer. “Fuck him,” she said, and immediately began plotting her revenge. It shouldn’t be too hard for a cheating milf like Alana Cruise to come up with an interesting plan. It turned out the answer was under her nose the whole time. Of course, she thought to herself, I’ll have sex with my new stepson. He didn’t have a girlfriend and was probably also feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day. So Alana Cruise walked over to his bedroom, still drying the tears from her face, and knocked on the door. He noticed that she had been crying and invited her to sit on the bed next to him. After comforting her for a few minutes, he started to feel his cock getting harder and harder. She noticed it, too, and quickly reached for his pants to pull them down. If you want to watch sexy Alana Cruise perform a perfect milf deepthroat, then this scene will blow your mind! Watch it now!Then he was ready to fuck. He didn’t care if she was his stepmom or not – he just wanted to pound that tight milf pussy! Who could have imagined that Alana Cruise’s own stepson would fuck her a hundred times better than her own husband! Oh well, that’s just how it goes. Now that they have gotten to know each other intimately, they can have sex whenever they’re both feeling horny and daddy wasn’t around the house. After pounding her pussy for nearly half an hour, he was ready to shoot his load. Watch Alana Cruise get down on her knees and take a milf cumshot strait to the face in this amazing stepmom porn video!


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