A Hot Appointment With Dr. Vandella

Sarah Vandella
35:23 | Views 874273

Starring Sarah Vandella And Rob Carpenter;Rob's been having trouble with his girlfriend and libido for a while now and he's decided to take the matter seriously and schedule an appointment with the renowned Dr. Vandella. A sexy, blonde MILF who's sexual prowesses are as famous as her medical ones. The sheer sexual energy emanating from her will make you reconsider your troubles. And her breakthrough technique will make you want to schedule appointments every week. While Rob reveals his concerns, Dr. Vandella kneels by his side, about to show her client the technique she learned at one of her seminars. As she removes her top to make her client more comfortable, she then starts rubbing her client's cock over his shorts. She hasn't even removed his underwear yet that she's already gagging on his fat dick. Dr. Vandella sure knows how to deal with your libido problems and I hope that if you DO have any problems with libido, or simply getting it up, this video will bring up a smile to your face and the blood to your dick. Enjoy.


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